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More stuffies…

And again some more news for your PrimBreasts \o/

Open Buttoned Dress addon for breasts

You know where you can get it huh? Yesah @ Luck Inc. Mainstore

Soo let´s goo jump into the TAXI !!

Huggies your´s Franneh ❤

Net Sheer Addons…

And more stuffies for those who wanna wear
the Linc. dresses with their Primbreasts \o/

The Mini Net Sheer Addon

Theese are CK´s Mini net Sheers for you guys.
Available in much different colors for you to choose…
It´s perfect for all those of you who wanna feel sexy n‘ hawt 😉

So c´mon take your TAXI and fill your shopping bags…
*hugs n‘ kisses* Your´s Franneh ❤

Did you Thought…

… there is no other release within the next days?! 😀
FAILED ;)!!! Here we goo with more NEW stuff of Luck Inc.

Sinken Dress addon for breasts

Did you ever wanted to wear the Sinken Dress with your PrimBreasts?!
Okay here is the perfect solution. Just get your avi this ohhw sooo great Sinken Dress Addon and wear it with your Primies 😀 Ohw and BTW it comes with and without Pasties 😉

You will get it as always @ Luck Inc. Mainstore

Have a wonderful Sunday….
*with greats* Your´s Franneh ❤

More addons… \o/

Ibiza Bikini addon for breasts/ Pattern

Ibiza Bikini addon for breasts/ solid

Theese are the the new Ibiza Bikini addons for Prim Breasts made by CK. As usual they are available in solid or pattern versions. BUT The Addon do not include the normal Clothing layer itself. If you want to wear the Kini without theese Prim Breasts you need to buy the normal Ibiza Bikini in @ Luck Inc. Just make your decission….

Happy Shopping & a wonderful weekend…
*huggies* Your´s Franneh ❤

Gone the time of waiting for NEWs…

… here comes the time of making a new shopping list for Luck Inc.
And this is what you need to put on your list:

Diigii High Skirt ad metallic

Diigii High Skirt ad pattern

Diigii High Skirt ad solid

SMEXeh, SEXeh new High Skirts made by CK. Comes in two lengths to show a bit of your asscheeks or to cover them. And as allways you can choose from three styles. Metallic, Solid or my FAVs the Patern versions \o/ Just choose your own FAVs and make your avi look special ❤

Just take your TP to Luck Inc. and shop till you drop xD

Have a wonderful start into a new week…
Big, Fatty Greats Your´s Franneh ❤

More NEWs…

Loose tanktop solid addon for lolas breasts

Loose tanktop pattern addon for lolas breasts

Loose tanktop enjoy addon for lolas breasts

YaaaaaaaY for Primbreasts 🙂 available @ Luck Inc.

*hugs* Your´s Franneh ❤

Yeah. Another new Stuff…

\o/ I´m logging into Flickr @ school and what did i´ve seen ?!?
Yesah…. CK did some new and as always sexeh stuff….

He were asked much often to do some stuff for the prim breasts. Where you can wear both.. Breats + Dress for example. And uhhh this dresses fit well to those breasts 🙂

And here are the first results:

Tankdress addon for lolas/ecorp breasts pattern

Tankdress addon for lolas/ ecorp breasts solid

And what do you think ??? Whant me to tell you where you can get them huh?

Okay… !! It is not in the Mainbuilding this time….

But here is the TP to the right location 🙂


Have a wonderful week Your´s Franneh ❤

It´s been a whilee…..

… but \o/ there is something new @ Luck inc. finally wooohooooo…..

First take a look @ this ones:

Loose Tanktop Pattern

Loose Tanktop enjoy

Loose Tanktop solid

Yeah. Three different styles of loose Tanktops (enjoy, solid or pattern) and all are soo great…. You can wear them with or without sculpted prim. Under a jacket or without… it´s up to you how you mix it up 🙂 But sure is you need to get some of theese….. Soo woohoo jump into your TAXI and check out the NEWs right in store !!

Luv ya Francii ❤

AMAGaaaaawt it´s FREE….

Undiiiiiiies fooooor everyoooooone !!!!!

Yes unbelievable buuuuuuut… It´s Freeeeeee… !! 😀

Cutieh Undies Xmas

Come and get it @ Luck inc. Mainstore Wooohooooo !!

Have a wonderful christmas time yours Franneh ❤

New, NEW, Neeeeeews….

Uhhhh whats that ?!? NEW stuff @ L.inc \o/

Garters in much lovely coulors + 2 Styles (normal & torned) They are great to combine with nearly every outfit & definetly a must have for everyone !! Just take a look @ choose your own FAV´s 😀

Garter nylons

Garter nylons torn

You can get them @ L.inc Mainstore… Here is your TAXI LET´S GO !!!

Hugs & Kisses yours Franneh ❤