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Gone the time of waiting for NEWs…

… here comes the time of making a new shopping list for Luck Inc.
And this is what you need to put on your list:

Diigii High Skirt ad metallic

Diigii High Skirt ad pattern

Diigii High Skirt ad solid

SMEXeh, SEXeh new High Skirts made by CK. Comes in two lengths to show a bit of your asscheeks or to cover them. And as allways you can choose from three styles. Metallic, Solid or my FAVs the Patern versions \o/ Just choose your own FAVs and make your avi look special ❤

Just take your TP to Luck Inc. and shop till you drop xD

Have a wonderful start into a new week…
Big, Fatty Greats Your´s Franneh ❤

More NEWs…

Loose tanktop solid addon for lolas breasts

Loose tanktop pattern addon for lolas breasts

Loose tanktop enjoy addon for lolas breasts

YaaaaaaaY for Primbreasts 🙂 available @ Luck Inc.

*hugs* Your´s Franneh ❤

Yeah. Another new Stuff…

\o/ I´m logging into Flickr @ school and what did i´ve seen ?!?
Yesah…. CK did some new and as always sexeh stuff….

He were asked much often to do some stuff for the prim breasts. Where you can wear both.. Breats + Dress for example. And uhhh this dresses fit well to those breasts 🙂

And here are the first results:

Tankdress addon for lolas/ecorp breasts pattern

Tankdress addon for lolas/ ecorp breasts solid

And what do you think ??? Whant me to tell you where you can get them huh?

Okay… !! It is not in the Mainbuilding this time….

But here is the TP to the right location 🙂


Have a wonderful week Your´s Franneh ❤

It´s been a whilee…..

… but \o/ there is something new @ Luck inc. finally wooohooooo…..

First take a look @ this ones:

Loose Tanktop Pattern

Loose Tanktop enjoy

Loose Tanktop solid

Yeah. Three different styles of loose Tanktops (enjoy, solid or pattern) and all are soo great…. You can wear them with or without sculpted prim. Under a jacket or without… it´s up to you how you mix it up 🙂 But sure is you need to get some of theese….. Soo woohoo jump into your TAXI and check out the NEWs right in store !!

Luv ya Francii ❤

AMAGaaaaawt it´s FREE….

Undiiiiiiies fooooor everyoooooone !!!!!

Yes unbelievable buuuuuuut… It´s Freeeeeee… !! 😀

Cutieh Undies Xmas

Come and get it @ Luck inc. Mainstore Wooohooooo !!

Have a wonderful christmas time yours Franneh ❤

New, NEW, Neeeeeews….

Uhhhh whats that ?!? NEW stuff @ L.inc \o/

Garters in much lovely coulors + 2 Styles (normal & torned) They are great to combine with nearly every outfit & definetly a must have for everyone !! Just take a look @ choose your own FAV´s 😀

Garter nylons

Garter nylons torn

You can get them @ L.inc Mainstore… Here is your TAXI LET´S GO !!!

Hugs & Kisses yours Franneh ❤

Rocking NEW Release !!

OMFG look @ this….. Pure sexyness in AMAZING 10 different colors.

Great to combine with the bra of the Cutieh Undies Set.

Lust Corset

Just check it out @ Luck Inc. Mainstore
… & see ya there Your´s Franneh ❤

It´s gettin HAWt in here….

Uhhh soo sexehh…. CK made some cute Underwear which you can get in pattern or solid versions as allways. The bra got a little bow in the middle of your breast & the panties are perfect for getting a smexehh, sexehh ass…… I´m sure your Partner will love it 😀 Sooo CHECK this OUT…

Cutieh Undies patterns

Cutieh Undies solids

New stuff can be found @ Luck Inc. Mainstore !!

Have a wonderful weekend Your´s Franneh ❤

Look into my eyes…

Just a short info for you guys… There is some new shizzle @ Luck Inc.

Better known as CK´s crap eyes 😀

Buuuut Shhhh… Lemme tell ya that they aren´t crap *whispers*

They are available in 18 great colors & styles for example Blind, Golden or Rainbow…. It´s up to you which you like most… Just come down and chek them OuT 🙂

Enjoy your day…

Huggies your´s Franneh ❤

Want some Leatherpants? ;)

Hiyas Peeps…

There is something NEW @ Luck Inc. Mainstore 😀 Guess what :p MYeees… The Uhh sooo SEXeh Leather Pants made by CK. They are LOW Cut & got 2 Zippers on the frontside. You can choose from different Patterns. It´s a DAMN hard decission.. So please bring some time with you or just grab the FAT PACK 😉

This is what i´m talking about:

Leatherpant low cut

You like it as much as i do?

Yesah……! GREAT! Just take your Taxi & shop till you drop 🙂
Greats & have a wonderful day Yours Franneh ❤

50 L$ Friday

Ahhwwss… It´s Friday \o/ and this means some sorted stores will sell a lovely Item for only 50 Linden $. This is what CK (Luck Inc.) got for you today 🙂 Be fast and get yours before it´s sunday cause it´ll never come back for such a great price!

FLF Tiedtop Skullieh

Enjoy your day yours Franneh ❤


It´s going to be a bit colder outside…. Soo why not wearing a bit more fabric ? This is the NEW Tantop of Luck Inc. & It´s perfect to wear in autumn. Available in much different colors & you can choose between 2 Styles_ sheer & normal ! You´ll get it @ Luck Inc. Mainstore

Tanktops solid

Tanktops sheer

Have a nice week yours Franneh ❤

Tiedtop out NOW !

CK released some  uhh sow sexy tops with a sculpted laced front. Very HAWT…

The tops come in over 28 colors & patterns… You may find it hard to choose your own fav or leave the store with only one.

But watch yourself… You´ll be Amazed:

Tiedtop solid Pack

Tiedtop Pattern Pack

And as allways you´ll get them @ Luck Inc. Mainstore

So enjoy your stay & shoppingtour !!

Greats yours Franneh ❤

N E W – Tubetops…

You all have seen some Pic´s of the BRAND NEW Tops from Luck inc. the last few days and i know you are very excited 😉 And uhmmm… Just want you to say…

OMG they´re OUT NOOOOOOOW…. The long time of waiting is over Woohooo! This Tops are available in solid & pattern version and you can choose from different options… So you can wear it with and without Bankroll 😀 & You can mix it with much other Styles… !! Feel free to take a look @ it now:

Tubetop Patterns

Tubetop Solid

It´s great Huh ? 😉 OKay just Jump into your TAXI & choose your favorite Tops or some pretty nice other stuff…

Have a wonderful week & enjoy your day! Greats Yours Franneh ❤

Ibiza Bikini

Its hot, isnt it?

One more reason to get the new *Linc* Ibiza Bikini.

Pattern Version

Solid Version

you will get a whole bunch of different colors and patterns. 😀

Come and check them out at Luck inc.

Happy Weekend to you all

Sissi xoxo

It´s Dollarbie-Time \o/

Skin Burner

It´s for all those of you who wanna wear their dark skins a bit darker than normal….. RAWR !!

Enjoy your day your´s Franneh ❤

Slutty Skirts….Choose your FAV version :)

Here we goo with some new shizzle @ Luck inc.

It´s a slutty skirt with string in solid & pattern version !!

Slutty Skirt w White string solid

Slutty Skirt w black string solid

Slutty Skirt patterns white string

Slutty Skirt patterns black string

This is HAWT huh ? And you wanna get it ?!?

Okay Jump into your TAXI & shop till you drop 😀

*hugs* Yours Franneh ❤

50L Friday

50L Friday has arrived @ Luck inc.

This adorable Bikini is a preview of CK’s next release 😀

Beach Party Time @ Luck inc.

A new Stumblebum week has begun… \o/

So this is what you´ll get exclusive @ Luck inc.:

Open Buttoned Dress fight club

Stumblebum project is an on going weekly event that will bring you 11 designers each weekend with exclusive limited edition items to make you look better than your friends! This event is for all those fashionistas and fashion friendly who are likely to have that whole „I have something you dont“ edge over their peers!  Because as the stumblebum brigadiers say: „Its always good, to be slightly better, than everyone else“.

The event starts 12am SLT saturday morning and ends 12am slt monday morning.  So get here quick and get those exclusive items before they are buried away in the caves of our inventories never to see the light of day again!

Enjoy your week with exclusive stuff ❤ yours Franci 🙂

Stumblebum & Project Themeory!

\o/ Mooore new stuff!!

Stumblebum: Yesterday you got the Top version from CK’s last release in a Skully pattern version and today you are getting the dress Version 😀

Project Themeory! Lumberjack

Ankle Cuffs in a Tartan Versoin

Project Themeory is available till Sunday so come and check them out.

Here is your ride!

Happy Shopping and a Great Weekend!

Sissi xoxox

P.S. if you are taking any pics with stuff from Luck inc. dont forget to join the Luck inc Pic Pool on Flickr!

New Cuffs + 50L Friday…

Ruffled Cuffs

Finally… The time of waiting is gone 😀

CK released his BRAND NEW ruffled cuffs…

They are available in 14 great solid colors and 14 patterns..

50L Friday

And second release is the NEW Buttoned Top in Skully Version for the coming 50L Friday…

Ist a really KEWL PINK Shirt only available tmrw for 50L$ !! Sooo feel free to take your Taxi and come down to Luck inc.

Enjoy your shoping Trip Your´s Franneh ❤

Toppiiiess YaaaaaY

Open buttoned Top solid

For all those of you who wanna wear some panties and don´t want to be in dresses all the time.

Here is the ultimate solution made by Ck !! It´s the Open Buttoned Top Version & yeahh it´s available in WoW 15 colors… Soo be free to take your TAXI & buy your Fav Colored Buttoned Top here !!

Greats & Have a great shopping tour your´s Franneh ❤

NEW Dresses @ Linc YaaaY

Open buttoned Dress

RAWR .. Time for some new smexy, sexy dresses…

With open Buttons + Breast options ;)… Perfect for the Summer & available in much colors !!

Come & get yours directly here @ Luck inc.

Greats and enjoy your stay!!

Your´s Franneh ❤

Stumblebum Item from Luck inc

Ready for some riped half stockings from Luck inc.??

There we go!

Come and get them at Luck inc. and dont forget to check out all those other stores.

Happy Shopping everyone <33

Sissi xoxo