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Welcome too the jeansfever day…

\o/ It´s dooone…. All new *L.inc* Jeans are OUT NOW

Tyra Jeans Flare Pack

Tyra Jeans Slim Pack

Tyra Jeans Skinny Pack

Facts about these Pants:

– 3 different cuff type Pants
– all of the 3 Styles have 2 cuff options in each pack
– the Flare cuffs are scripted with a texture changer which means:
(35textures, 21 Pattern and 14 solid + an option for show & hide the changeable parts) \o/

And just a short info from the bottom of our heart to all those who wanna help all the poor animals in japan which lost their homes and owners… There will be another great version of this jeans out soon. It´ll be a fur version… Sooo please safe some money and buy this great jeans for a realy good cause !! This is what i am asking you.. It would make me sooo happy if we can raise much, much, much money for all the poor homeless Kittehs, Puppehs and other animals. I´m sure Japan will thank us a lot.

And \o/ keep an eye open for the upcomming Cover my Furry Butt Hunt.. There will be s pecial Hunt version of this jeans out too…. 😉

Yesah this was all i wanted to talking about with you. It´s time to take the TAXI to *Luck Inc.* and fill your shopping Bags… But ehrmm… Remember the poor animals 😉

TAXI to *Luck Inc.* Mainstore
*with love* Your´s Franneh ❤

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